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Jon and John "Fred" Hadlich, Father and son, owners of AI Systems, Inc.

Founded by Jon Hadlich,

AI Systems intially provided Avionic services only. In 2012, son John "Fred" Hadlich joined the team. Bringing years of composite fabrication experience and an A&P/IA, AI Systems is now able to offer the complete package in aircraft maintenance, modifications, builder's assistance, research & development, and more!

Today, AI Systems is involved in numerous builder-assist projects as well as some exciting research and development into new aircraft. 

Meet The Team

Jon Hadlich, Avionics Manager and founder of AI Systems, Inc. of Redmond, Oregon

Jon Hadlich

Owner | Avionics Manager

You may know Jon from his days building panels at Lancair, or from the days he managed the repair station at Redmond Air.  He has over 20 years of experience from trouble-shooting, retrofitting, panel building, and airframe wiring. Jon's resume includes avionics R&D for the Lancair Legacy, Lancair IV-P Turbine, Epic LT, and now the Stratos 716X. He has earned himself a title as a Garmin G3X Expert.  Needless to say, Jon isn't a stranger around aircraft avionics. He also is an IFR, high-performance and complex-rated pilot. 

John "Fred" Hadlich, Director of Maintenance and co-owner of AI Systems, Inc. of Redmond, Oregon USA.

John "Fred" Hadlich

Owner | Director of Maintenance

With over 17 years of experience in aircraft maintenance, Fred has earned his A&P I/A specializing in Continental & Lycoming reciprocating engines and is highly skilled in PT6 & JT15D turbine engines. He holds an Associate's Degree from Central Oregon Community College where he studied Composite Manufacturing and Technology.  Also a pilot himself, Fred has accumulated expert-level knowledge and excels in aviation research & development, composite manufacturing and repair throughout his journey in aviation and stands ready for any challenge in this competitive industry.

Matt Lynn, Project Manager at AI Systems, Inc. located in Redmond, Oregon USA

Matt Lynn

Project Manager

An A&P mechanic and composite fabricator, Matt brings nearly 18 years of experience to our team and is also a tailwheel, high performance and complex rated pilot.  An expert in Columbia and Epic airframes, PT6 turboprop engines, and with several years of experience working on Continental and Lycoming reciprocating engines,  Matt's level of knowledge is difficult to come across, to say the least.  When not at work, Matt enjoy's shooting at the range and spending quality time with his family.

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