Meet the Team!

Jon Hadlich

Owner/Avionics Manager - AI Systems Inc.

You may know Jon from his days building panels at Lancair, or from the days he managed the repair station at Redmond Air. He has over 20 years of experience from trouble-shooting, retrofitting, panel building, and airframe wiring. Jon's resume includes avionics R&D for the Lancair Legacy, Lancair IV-P Turbine, Epic LT, and now the Stratos 716X. He has earned himself a title as a Garmin G3X Expert. Needless to say, Jon isn't a stranger around aircraft avionics. He also is an IFR, high performance and complex rated pilot.

John "Fred" Hadlich

Owner/Director of Maintenance - AI Systems Inc.

With over 16 years of experience in aircraft maintenance, Fred has earned his A&P - I/A specializing in Continental, Lycoming reciprocating engines and is highly skilled in PT6 & JT15D turbine engines. He holds an Associate Degree from Central Oregon Community College where he studies Composite Manufacturing and Technology. Fred has since accumulated expert-level knowledge and practices in aviation research & develpment, composite manufacturing and repair throughout his journey in aviation and stands ready for any challenge. He has most recently been obtaining his pilot License.

Matt Lynn

Project Manager - AI Systems Inc.

An A&P, Matt brings nearly 18 years of experience to our team and is also an a tailwheel, high performance and complex rated pilot. An expert in Columbia and Epic airframes, PT6 turboprop engines, and with years of experience working on Continental/Lycoming reciprocating engines, Matt proves to be more than capable as an A&P professional.

Caleb Weis

Office Manager/Procurement - AI Systems Inc.

A fixed-wing pilot and Navy veteran, Caleb brings us a culmination of experience in customer service and various roles in the industry. As an administration assistant, Caleb uses his understanding in aviation along with his extensive history serving customers to help move the gears from behind the curtain. He most recently became a Comercial rated pilot.

Vinnie Hoffman

Composite Fabricator/Avionics Technician - AI Systems Inc.

A US Coast Guard veteran, MH65D Dolphin electronics technician, and a Commercial helicopter pilot - Instrument rated, Vinnie brings over 8 years of experience to the team. He is exceptional at harness and panel builds as well as aircraft troubleshooting.

Marty Baltazar

Avionics/Maintenance Technician - AI Systems Inc.

Bringing over 19 years of experience, Marty is proficient in aircraft troubleshooting, panel builds, and fabrication. A US Army Veteran, helicopter & fixed wing pilot, and prior UH60 Black Hawk crew cheif, Marty is more than familiar with helicopters and airplanes bringing much value to the AI Systems team.

Tessa Crawford

Aviation Maintenance Technician - AI Systems Inc.

Beginning her aviation journey in the mid 2000's, Tessa brings a variety of practical experience and dedication to the team! General aviation maintenance in Central Oregon is the epicenter of Tessa's many talents which continue to surprise those surrounding her every day.

Sean VanHatten

Test Pilot

Sean soloed in a Citabria at 17 and acquired his private while still in high school. Sean then attended Central Oregon Community College where he received his AAS in Aviation. Sean has a BS in Physics from Oregon State University and has worked as a banner tow pilot flying Cubs.

He has an Airline Transport Pilot rating and CFI and CFII certificates with two type ratings and has flown over 80 different types of aircraft in a wide variety of flight operations. He most recently hit 5,000 hrs total time.

He has become profficient with many high performance aircraft including Epic LT's, Lancair's, Evolution's and now the Stratos 714 and 716X.

JC Peterson

Test Pilot

J.C. has been involved with Experimental Aircraft, Lancair, Evolution Aircraft Company, and Epic Aircraft for nearly 15 years in various capacities. Additionally, he has performed builder-assistance, final assembly, maintenance, flight testing, and flight training. He has been involved with numerous flight test programs including new engine development, R&D, and systems improvements, and has completed dozens of first flights on new aircraft. As a CFI for 12 years in numerous aircraft types, J.C. is familiar with bringing owners up to speed with their new aircraft with safety as a top priority.

Boo Hadlich

Emotional Support

Raised in the hangar envrionment, Boo is an expert begger. No treat or pet goes unappreciated. He spends time visiting the airport community and brings joy to all. He also is an avid Seahawks fan.